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Astrophysics Lunch Seminar

Seminars are held on Fridays at noon in room S105 unless stated otherwise.

Calendar 2009/2010

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Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Aug 28 John Stocke CASA Australian Aboriginal Astronomy
Sep 4 Katie Chynoweth Vanderbilt Origins of Neutral Hydrogen Clouds in Galaxy Groups
Sep 11
Sep 18 Lisa Winter CASA The Optical and X-ray Properties of the Swift BAT-detected AGNs
Sep 25 Alexander Tchekhovskoy CfA Simulations and Analytic Models of Relativistic Magnetized Jets
Oct 2 Sean Raymond CASA When good planetary systems go bad: planet-planet scattering
Oct 9 Krzysztof Nalewajko Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center Energy Dissipation Mechanisms in Quasar and Blazar Jets
Oct 16 Adam Ginsburg CASA The Bolocam Galactic Plane Survey
Oct 23 Charles Danforth CASA New Results from COS
Oct 30 Stephen Merkowitz Goddard Space Flight Center The Legacy and Future of Lunar Laser Ranging in Duane E-126
Nov 6 Richard Vondrak Goddard Space Flight Center Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO): Observations for Lunar Exploration and Science in Duane E-126
Nov 13 Jake Simon U. of Virginia Turbulent Accretion in Magnetized Disks
Nov 20 Seth Jacobson APS Planetary Astrophysics: Dynamics of Post-Fission Asteroids
Nov 27

Dec 3 Dimitrios Giannios Princeton Several aspects of MHD-driven, relativistic jets In JILA 10C
Dec 4 Miguel Mostafa Colorado State The latest results from the Pierre Auger Observatory
Dec 11 No talk this week
Dec 14 Alan Stern Consultant to Blue Origin Manned Suborbital Spacecraft as Astrophysics Platforms (4 PM)

Jan 15 Sundar Srinivasan IAP The Mass Loss Return from Evolved Stars to the Large Magellanic Cloud
Jan 22 Kaitlin Kratter U. of Toronto The role of disks in the formation of stellar systems
Jan 29 Michele Trenti CASA Galaxies in the reionization era: first results from WFC3 observations
Feb 5 Massimo Ricotti University of Maryland The First Galaxies and the Likely Discovery of their Fossils in the Local Group
Feb 12 Joaquin Vieira Caltech A new population of millimeter galaxies discovered by the South Pole Telescope
Feb 19 Doug Duncan CASA Successful Strategies for Getting Students to Think more Scientifically
Feb 26 Michael Niemack NIST Probing fundamental physics from the driest places on earth with superconducting sensors
Mar 5 Elizabeth Fernandez CASA The Effect of Galactic Properties on the Escape Fraction
Mar 12 Genevieve de Messieres University of Virginia Mid-IR spectra of cool-core galaxy clusters
Mar 19 Jack Burns CASA Galaxy Clusters at the Edge: What temperature & entropy profiles at the Virial radius imply about gas motions in the intracluster medium.

Apr 2
Apr 9 Katherine Blundell University of Oxford Episodic jet ejection in quasars and microquasars: a time-resolved perspective
Apr 16 Asaf Pe'er Space Telescope Science Institute Observations, theory and implications of thermal emission from gamma-ray bursts
Apr 23 Dick McCray JILA New HST Observations of SN1987A
Apr 30 Dimitri Veras U. of Florida Formation, Survival, and Detectability of Planets Beyond 100 AU
May 14 No seminar due to lack of room. Regular seminars will resume in the fall

Contact: Michele Trenti (michele.trenti at colorado edu) or Kris Beckwith (kris.beckwith at jila colorado edu).