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Astrophysics Lunch Seminar

Seminars are held on Fridays at noon in room S105 unless stated otherwise.

Calendar 2007/2008

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Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Aug 10 Tomer Holczer Technion, Israel Studies of X-ray Absorption Spectra Due to Active Galactic Nuclei Outflows
Aug 17 Nina Hatch Leiden Observatory Diffuse light in the Spiderweb: evidence for star formation outside galaxies

Sep 7 Victor Flambaum New South Wales Variation of fundamental constants in space and time: theory and observations
Sep 14 Davide Lazzati JILA Dust nucleation in the ISM
Sep 21 Andrew King Leicester Evolution of Black Hole Mass and Spin in AGN
Sep 28 Jason Austermann Massachusetts Sub-Millimeter Galaxy Surveys with AzTEC
Oct 5 Eric Hallman CASA The Next Frontier in Numerical Cosmological Simulations: Including Nonthermal Effects
Oct 12 11:00 am Auditorium John Grunsfeld NASA HST: Servicing Mission 4 and the Apex of Hubble Science
Thursday Oct 18 Giuseppe Palma SNS Pisa Hyper-relativistic Blast Waves from Gamma-Ray Bursts
Oct 19 Philip Chang Berkeley The Origin of the Young Stars in the Nucleus of M31
Oct 26 Michele Trenti STScI From the very first Pop III to z ~ 6 galaxies and quasars
Nov 2 Elena Rossi JILA Growing Supermassive Black Holes by z = 6 with "Quasistars"
Nov 9 Phil Armitage JILA Star formation from disks in the Galactic Center
Nov 16 Kevin France CASA Far-Ultraviolet H2 Emission: Interstellar and Circumstellar Media

Nov 30 Britton Smith CASA Simulating the Transition from the First Stars to the Second Stars
Dec 7 Rory Barnes LPL, Arizona The First Successful Prediction of an Extrasolar Planet
Dec 14 Lang Shao Nanjing & JILA Echo Emission and the X-ray Afterglows of Gamma-Ray Bursts

Jan 18 Dick McCray JILA Supernova light curves
Jan 25 Matthew van Adelsberg JILA Modeling Emission from the Transition Zone of Balmer-Dominated Shocks
Feb 1 Nanda Rea Amsterdam Energetic RRATs populate the Universe
Feb 8 Jim Green & Mike Shull CASA Cosmic Origins Spectrograph: Capabilities & IGM Science
Feb 15
Mike Shull CASA Journal Club:
Feb 20
4:00 pm
Simon Glover AIP Potsdam The Second Stars
Feb 22

No Seminar
(Constellation-X Meeting in Boulder)
Feb 29

No Seminar
(APS Graduate Recruitment)
Mar 7 Travis Metcalfe NCAR Asteroseismology and the Solar-Stellar Connection
Mar 14 Kyle Willett CASA OH Megamasers in the Early Universe: the IR Connection
Mar 21 Niccolò Bucciantini Berkeley Long Duration GRBs and the Birth of Magnetars

Apr 4 Sara Beck Tel Aviv Looking for the Most Massive Stars
Apr 11 Doug Johnstone HIA, Victoria Understanding How Star Formation Proceeds in the Perseus and Ophiuchus Molecular Clouds
Apr 18 Jeffrey Linsky JILA Why do quasars twinkle at radio wavelengths?
Apr 25 Samuel Skillman CASA Shock-Accelerated Cosmic Rays in AMR Cosmological Simulations
May 2 Zoë Leinhardt DAMTP Cambridge Collisions in the Outer Solar System
Wednesday May 7 Nissim Kanekar NRAO Probing fundamental constant evolution with radio spectroscopy
May 9

No Seminar
(CU Commencement)

Wednesday June 25 Chris Reynolds Maryland The variability of black hole accretion disks

Thursday July 17 2:00 pm Ned Wright UCLA The Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE)

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