Seminars are held on Fridays at noon in S105 (unless stated otherwise)

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Aug 31st
(Thursday, 4pm)
Kelle Cruz
(Special seminar)
AMNH, New York
Brown Dwarfs: Young and Old
Sep 5th
(Tuesday, 4pm, JILA Auditorium)
Seth Hornstein
(Special seminar)
A Keck Study of Infrared Emission Associated with the Supermassive Black Hole at the Galactic Center.
Sep 7th
(Thursday, 4pm)
Mark Miesch
(Special seminar)
HAO, Boulder
Thunderous Turning Within: A Look into the Turbulent Dynamics of the Solar Interior
Sep 12th
(Tuesday, 4pm)
Eldar Dobrea
(Special seminar)
Malin Space Sciences Systems
Outcrops of the chaotic terrain: Mineralogical constraints, morphology, and stratigraphic relationships
Sep 22nd
Pedro Avelino

Univ. Porto

Domain Walls and Dark Energy
Sep 29th
Roberto Soria
Harvard-Smithsonian CfA
What are the black hole masses in ultra-luminous X-ray sources?
Oct 6th
Jack Burns


Why do only some galaxy clusters have cool cores?
Oct 13th

Seminar Postponed
Oct 20th
Mike Shull


Critical Metallicity for High-Redshift Star Formation
Oct 27th
Yuexing Li
Harvard-Smithsonian CfA
The formation and evolution of galaxies and quasars at z~6
Nov 3rd
Charles Danforth


What's new in the local IGM?
Nov 10th

Paolo Tozzi

INAF, Trieste
What we learn from X-ray clusters of galaxies at high redshift
Nov 17th
Matt van Adelsberg


Thermal Radiation from Strongly Magnetized Isolated Neutron Stars: Spectra and Polarizations
Nov 24th

No seminar - Thanksgiving
Dec 1st
Eric Hallman


Simulating the Universe: Large Area Synthetic Sky Surveys
Dec 8th
Kevin Heng


SNR 1987A and Balmer-Dominated Supernova Remnants


Jan 19th
Jorge Cuadra


Young stars and stellar winds around the Galactic super-massive black hole
Jan 26th

Jill Tarter

SETI Institute
Radio Astronomy and SETI with the Allen Telescope
Feb 2nd

Elisa Costantini

SRON, Utrecht
The inner regions of AGN seen in X-rays: the case of Mrk279

Feb 9th

Nadia Zakamska
IAS, Princeton
Selection and multi-wavelength properties of obscured quasars
Feb 16th

Alak Ray

Tata Institute
Pulsar Timing and Supernovae
Feb 23rd

Patricia Arévalo

Univ. Southampton Modelling the spectral-timing properties of AGN X-ray light curves
Mar 2nd
Cynthia Froning


Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of Compact Binaries: Structure, Evolution, and Black Hole Masses
Mar 9th
John Stocke


The very low-redshift intergalactic medium: lost in the local Lyman-alpha forest
Mar 16th

Seminar postponed
Mar 23rd

No seminar - Spring Break
Mar 30th

No seminar - Spring Break
Apr 5th
(Thursday, noon, JILA Auditorium)
Bob Kirshner
(Special seminar)
Harvard-Smithsonian CfA
The fundamentals of supernova cosmology
Apr 13th

Jack Burns

Probing into the "Dark Ages" with a low frequency interferometer on the Moon
Apr 20th

Jiri Bicak

Charles University, Prague
Palette of gravitomagnetic effects
Apr 27th

Henry Throop

Planetesimal Formation in Dense Star Clusters
May 4th

Andrew Fox

IAP, Paris
High ions in damped Lyman-alpha systems: star formation and galactic outflows at z=2-3
May 11th

No seminar - CU graduation
May 18th

Ted von Hippel

Univ. Texas, Austin
White dwarfs and debris discs: the fate of planetary systems?
May 25th

Dick McCray

SN1987A at age 20

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Seminars are held on Fridays at noon in S105

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